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Anger can be helpful. Surprised to hear this? Many people are! Emotions cannot be labeled as good or bad. They just are. Anger is an important signal your body is sending you to inform you that something is not right. Anger becomes a problem when it is felt on extreme levels and when we act on our urge to attack. This can cause additional uncomfortable emotions, including shame, guilt, and sadness. It can also cause problems in important areas of our lives, such as  in relationships and at work. Learning to manage anger is an important skill, as suppressed anger can contribute to depression, isolation, or unhealthy behaviors such as substance use. 

Anger management therapy can assist in learning skills to build insight into when you are becoming angry. The earlier you recognize anger building, the easier it will be to regulate. You will also learn to identify triggers and think differently about your anger and situations that may be causing anger. You will also build tools to communicate your anger assertively so your anger can be adaptive. 

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Signs anger might be a problem

*This is informational and not diagnostic. Please keep in mind, mandated reporting laws of harm to others as well as child abuse and abuse of elderly and people with disabilities. *

When it turns to violence

If your anger is leading to verbal or physical altercations, it may be problematic. Constant fights can ruin relationship and lead to problems at work or school. Violence can lead to legal and financial consequences. It interferes with building a life worth living.

When you avoid in unhelpful ways

When you lack skills to manage anger effectively, it can be easier to avoid. In an effort to avoid, people may use harmful behaviors, including substance abuse, isolation, or acting out. These behaviors can cause you harm and negatively impact other areas of your life. 

When it leads to physical problems

Unmanaged, suppressed anger often leads to physical problems, including high blood pressure, physical/chronic pain, and cardiac problems.   

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