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Mental health matters. Whether your goal is to heal from past wounds, manage stress, cope with life transitions, or to flourish, I can help. Some common diagnoses I treat are PTSD/Trauma, relationship skills, emotions regulation, anxiety, and phobia

Reconnect in couples counseling

Connection is why we are here. In relationships, that connection often get disrupted by difficulties communicating, trauma, lack of quality time together, or infidelity. Couples counseling can help you reconnect, heal, and form a stronger bond with your partner(s). 

Learn together in group therapy

In group therapy, you can learn skills to help you meet your goals with the support of others experiencing similar struggles. Anger Management, DBT Skill-building, and trauma therapy groups can help you heal through learning skills and connecting with others.

Relationships Matter. Let me help you live a life worth living by improving your relationships

Research shows that when people have healthy relationships in their lives, they live longer, are healthier, less stressed,  and feel richer. Life isn’t about what you have, it’s about who you have. Whether it’s a romantic partner, friends, parents, siblings, or even pets, Healthy relationships can help us flourish! Our goal at Flourish Mental Wellness, PLLC is to teach you skills to have meaningful relationships and confront any issues getting in the way, such as anxiety, trauma, and depression.


At Flourish Mental Wellness, PLLC we use research-based methods for helping you address problems in your life and relationships

Communicate Effectively

 While working with me you will learn how to better communicate with others more effectively and handle conflict when it arises

Heal your heart

Trauma, anxiety, depression, betrayal, and pain can all lead to disconnection. Learn to heal your heart so you can build deeper relationships

Create Meaning

Learn to identify your values and how they influence your life and relationships

Whole-Hearted Living

Vulnerability is our greatest strength. It allows us to connect with others and live a whole-hearted life. Learn how to allow yourself to be vulnerable so you can build meaningful relationships

Create Balance

Sometimes we can get caught up in what we think our lives should look like and forget about what we want our lives to look like and what is important to us. Learn to find balance in your life and relationships



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