Anxiety Therapy in Scottsdale

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Anxiety Therapy in Scottsdale can help you learn ways to manage thoughts that lead to anxiety so you can live a calm and meaningful life.

Anxiety is the bodies normal response to life’s daily stressors. Anxiety is adaptive and helps us stay alert, aware, and motivated. However, anxiety can take over and keep you from living a meaningful life. There are a variety of anxiety disorders with varying symptoms.

Common Symptoms

*This is informational and not diagnostic. Please schedule an appointment if you believe anxiety is interfering with your life*

Excessive worry

Excessive worrying may occur more days then not and can be general or specific worries. These worries often take form of racing thoughts and a physical reaction to the thoughts. It may be difficult to control these thoughts and they may impact your job, relationships, or meaningful activities.


You may feel restless, keyed up or on edge more days than not. You may find your mind going blank and have difficulties concentrating. As a result, you may often feel fatigued and have difficulties sleeping.


You may become easily irritated, even at small things. You may also feel muscle tightness and tension. 

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