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Depression is more than just sadness. It involves an overwhelming feelings of guilt/worthlessness, lack of motivation to engage in activities you used to enjoy, and feelings of disconnection.

Gain your life back through evidence based treatment, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Interpersonal Therapy for Depression. 

Common Symptoms

*This is informational and not diagnostic. Please schedule an appointment if you believe depression is interfering with your life*

Depressed mood

Depressed mood may occur more days than not, making you feel sad, empty or hopeless. You may experience feelings of worthlessness or guilt. 

Loss of enjoyment

You may have lost enjoyment in life and no longer want to engage in activities you used to enjoy. This may lead to feeling disconnected from your life and loved ones.

Slowing and sleep difficulties

You may experience a physical slowing or feel restless.  You may also have difficulties sleeping, either not being able to sleep or sleeping to much. As a result, fatigue is a common outcome. Concentration and memory is often not as good as it used to be.  Changes in weight and appetite is a may also occur.

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