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Anxiety Therapy

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, and like you don’t have control over your life?  Do you feel lost?  Does your worrying and overthinking make it hard to focus?

Panic Attacks Therapy

Have you felt your chest tightening, the world around you slows down, felt a sense of dread and danger, and had a hard time breathing? Have you felt like you were experiencing a heart attack?

Couples Counseling

Are you finding it difficult to connect to your partner? Are you arguing a lot? Are you missing the connection you had when the relationship started? Do you want gain your connection back?

Depression Therapy

Do you ever feel like you never have the motivation to do anything?  Do you often feel sad and disconnected from others? Do you feel like you aren’t truly living your life?  

Trauma and PTSD Therapy

Are you having difficulties feeling positive emotions and connecting with others? Is it hard to feel safe? Do you avoid things so much that it interferes with living a meaningful life?


Have you ever felt like you couldn’t truly be yourself?  Do you ever feel like you won’t be accepted by your friends or family? Have you been rejected for being yourself?

Individual Therapy

Learn skills to help you flourish

Relationship Therapy and Workshops

 Help your relationship flourish

Group Therapy

Learn with others and flourish

Helping You Find Success With Therapy

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Therapy does not mean you are crazy! Often, going to therapy comes with the stigma that something is wrong with you. Of course therapy can be helpful when you are not feeling well emotionally, the same way you would go to the doctor when you are sick. However, therapy is also used to make good lives great. Think of it like going to the gym to improve already good health and build strong muscles. Therapy can help you gain and master skills to be more effective in day to day life and build a stronger mental muscle. This can include dedicating an hour to yourself a week to love yourself, improve your self-talk, enhance your communication skills, or tackle fear that may be holding you back. It can help make a good marriage great or learning new ways to parent, instead of relying on ways we observed marriages to be or repeating parenting patterns we experienced as a child. Therapy is there for you if you are experiencing a mental illness and it offers much more! It can help you find the path to change and personal improvement, which we can all benefit from. 

Potential Benefits to Therapy

Build up your strengths to achieve your goals

Therapy may help you achieve your goals and live a meaningful life. You will learn skills such as challenging unhelpful thoughts and discover more effective thought patterns. You may also learn to accept and experience emotions, even the painful ones. 

Expand your Awareness

Therapy can help you build awareness into your thoughts and emotions. You can increase mindfulness to connect with yourself and the world around you.

Talking about Thoughts and Emotions Gives You Power

We often believe that by acknowledging thoughts and emotions makes them real and gives them power. Research shows that understanding your thoughts and naming your emotions gives you more control over them, resulting in more control over many life situations. 

Live a Meaningful Life

Research shows that discovering helpful ways to think and relate to your emotions has long-lasting effects that can be applied to most of life’s situations. 


Especially during the times of COVID-19 and the relevant safety concerns, it can be helpful that therapy is possible without leaving your home. The benefits of working with Dr. McGraw include the flexibility to provide therapy through telephone and video meetings on your laptop or cell phone. 

Teletherapy is similar to video conferencing and we will see each other and talk as if you were in the office with me. I use services with the highest possible security protections to maintain confidentiality and privacy and all media is HIPAA-compliant. In my experience and in line with existing research, treatment successes and gains have been equivalent to what is expected through in-person visits. If you are curious about teletherapy or have any other questions, please contact me today for a free consultation so you can make sure working with Dr. McGraw is a good fit for you.

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