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Couples Counseling in Scottsdale and Phoenix Area

Relationships are hard. No matter how much you like or love someone, it can be difficult, at times, to be in a relationship and/or live with someone. Conflicts and disagreements ultimately arise. Sometimes, we handle them great, and other times, well…. let’s be honest, we could use some skills. No one is immune from the ups and downs in relationships. However, disagreements do not have to define your relationship. We provide couples counseling in Scottsdale to help you learn skills for a flourishing relationship.

Using the Gottman Method, learn to reconnect with your partner. Over time, couples stop talking to each other the same way they did when the relationship was new.

Couples counseling can help teach you skills to communicate more effectively, improve quality time, solve disputes more skillfully, and understand each others inner worlds.



On average, couples wait about 6 years before starting counseling. However, the sooner you begin counseling the less time you spend creating unhelpful habits in your relationships. There doesn’t even need to be problems in the relationship for counseling to be helpful! Everyone can benefit from learning communication skills and keeping the connection alive. 

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