LGBTQIA+ and non-traditional relationships

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LGBTQIA+ and Non-traditional Relationships 

A non-traditional relationship is a type of relationship that deviates from societal norms and expectations regarding romantic and/or sexual partnerships. It can include any type of consensual and ethical relationship structure that falls outside of the traditional monogamous and heterosexual norms, such as polyamorous relationships, open relationships, same-sex relationships, non-binary relationships, asexual relationships, or any other type of relationship that challenges traditional ideas of exclusivity, commitment, and intimacy. Non-traditional relationships can vary widely in terms of their rules, boundaries, and expectations, and require clear communication, mutual respect, and honesty to function successfully.

Flourish Mental Wellness is a safe space for any kind of relationship. You get to choose what your relationship looks like and who is a part of it. Love is love. We can help you learn skills to have and/or maintain a healthy relationship without judgement. 

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