It’s December! That time of year where your socials are flooded with people sharing their Spotify Wrapped.


What is Spotify Wrapped?

If you haven’t been on social media in the past few years and haven’t heard of Spotify Wrapped, it is a summary of Spotify users most listened to artists, songs, genre’s, and podcasts. It is packaged in a fun way to show your friends and family what music you’ve been obsessing over this year.


Why is Spotify Wrapped so popular? 

As a psychologist, whose work focuses on connection, Spotify wrapped emphasizes connection. It’s a thing we are all doing together and sharing ourselves with one another. In fact, many without Spotify might have some feelings of FOMO (I sure did, tot he point of switching from Apple Music to Spotify this year so I could participate). By sharing out internal world with others, we can connect and let others into our internal world. It’s also fun to see your friends choices in music, whether similar or dissimilar (which may help you discover new music!). 

Another reason for its popularity is seeing the data of our behaviors and interests all summed up. It provides an opportunity for introspection. It also is personalized to us individually. It’s like flipping through a photo album and feeling the warm and fuzzies thinking about that time this year.

It is also a form of individual expression. This years wrapped allows you to choose from several backgrounds to customize how you want your wrapped to look. So you get to share your musical taste with your choice of visuals.


Spotify Wrapped 2022 Taylor Swift